KRON4 Morning Buzz: Curry, Durant lead the West in fan All-Star voting

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Trending today on KRON4’s Morning Buzz, it’s Steph vs. KD, and more from the Olympic qualifying rounds.

Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are neck-and-neck in the All-Star balloting in the Western Conference, and there’s a new twist this year. The player voted captain chooses his team from the All-Star pool.

KD says he doesn’t want to do it. He’d rather have somebody else pick the teams. Steph on the other hand, says bring it on. He says he always wanted to be the guy picking teams on the playground. 

Speaking of picking teams… They’re choosing who’s going to be on the U.S. team for the Winter Olympics which are next month Sochi.  


Snowboarding legend Sean White is a favorite, even after his horrendous wreck on the half pipe in October. Yahoo just released video of the crash. He’s doing a four-revolution cab double cork 1440 on a 22-foot tall half pipe when he caught his board on the lip and slammed his face. He slid head first to the bottom of the pipe and was sitting in a pool of his own blood. He ended up with 62 stitches.

The 31-year-old missed a month of training, but still came in first in qualifying competing yesterday. This would be his fourth Olympics if he makes the team.

A 25-year-old Florida woman just qualified for the U.S. Olympic speed skating team, and she only took to the ice four months ago.  


Erin Jackson knew how to skate, but not on ice. She was an inline skater and roller derby athlete. She becomes the third black athlete to make a U.S. Olympic speed-skating team, and the first black woman to qualify for the long-track competition.



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