VIDEO: Abandoned best friend dogs get adopted together


PORTLAND, Ore. (WFLA) — Two abandoned dogs with an undeniable bond now get to enjoy a new life, and they are doing it together.

Biggie and Smalls, as they were later named by their new adoring mom, were found tied to a fence post in obvious need of medical care.

According to DoveLewis animal hospital, both dogs were severely underweight with their ribs, hip bones and shoulder blades sticking out of their thin frame.

Staff soon realized the dogs shared more than a casual connection – they could not be separated at all.

At times the two were even nose-to-nose as they received necessary treatment.

The bond between the two best friends was unbreakable.

When the pups were healthy enough for adoption, it was important to find someone who wanted to take both of them home.

Officials at DoveLewis said it’s uncommon for dogs of different sizes to be adopted at the same time. But such an uncommon story deserves an unbelievable ending.

Biggie and Smalls now share a human who embraced their connection and welcomed them into a new forever home.

Jennifer Estevez said even though the dynamic duo is a bit mischievous she feels really lucky to have such good dogs in her life.



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