VIDEO: Dozens of USPS mail trucks vandalized with graffiti in East Bay


OAKLAND (KRON) — The United States Postal Service says someone has been vandalizing their delivery trucks, dozens of them.

Over the past few months, 40 red, white, and blue trucks have been tagged with graffiti.

Now, the post office is now hoping to stop the vandalism by offering a reward.

Gleaming white delivery trucks are being tagged with graffiti, some of it covering the entire sides of trucks, new and old.

Postal inspector Jeff Fitch says it’s not an image the post office approves of.

“No matter how talented the artwork may appear, it’s still vandalism and it’s vandalizing postal property,” Fitch said.

Almost all of the vandalism has occurred late at night to trucks parked outside the post office facility along 13th Street in Oakland.

The post office used to park their trucks in a nearby lot behind a fence and locked gate, but the postal service didn’t own that property.

Last fall, they lost access to the lot and had to start parking the trucks on the street. That’s when the problems started.

The trucks that have been tagged will now need to be taken out of service for cleaning and repairs, an expensive process.

It also means that for a short time, those trucks won’t be on the streets making deliveries.

Hoping to limit the damage, the post office has started parking a few trucks at other locations, but space is limited in Oakland, and most of the delivery trucks will still be parked there at night.

The postal inspector office is handling the investigation into this vandalism, and they are hoping that a sizeable reward for information might produce results.

“We are actually offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest or conviction of the individual or individuals responsible for the vandalism,” Fitch said. “These are crimes, and if someone knows something, they can contact us. It is something we take seriously.”

Fitch also points out that vandalizing a mail truck is a federal crime that carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.

Finally, Fitch also told KRON4 that they want to put an end to the graffiti because the vandalism has taken a toll on morale for post office employees.



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