VIDEO: Firefighter catches baby from balcony of burning building

Video courtesy of CNN

ATLANTA (KRON) — A heroic story out of Metro Atlanta shows the true bravery of firefighters.

A massive blaze at an apartment complex last week had crews racing to the scene to rescue several people trapped inside, including small children and a baby.

Captain Jackie Peckrul from DeKalb Fire and Rescue was the one to catch the baby from the burning third-story balcony.

“I started going up the ladder. My plan was to actually get up on the balcony with them so that I could help them get on the ladder and have somebody else assist them down, but I got about half way up there and here comes a baby down to my arms,” Peckrul said.

However, this mother of triplets refuses to be crowned a hero.

“I don’t really feel like a hero,” she said. “I don’t think any of us do. It’s our job and we are so fortunate to work for DeKalb County who prides training and equipment and we have a brotherhood here and we work really well together.”

The infant was one of a dozen people rescued that day.

None of the victims were seriously injured, thanks to Peckrul and the rest of her DeKalb Fire Station crew.

One firefighter did suffer injuries, but is recovering.

The cause of this fire remains under investigation.

CNN contributed to this article.



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