VIDEO: First home being rebuilt in Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park neighborhood after firestorm


SANTA ROSA (KRON) — The North Bay wildfires destroyed 4,658 homes in October, and now, three months after the devastation, there is a sign of hope for the future of Santa Rosa.

One home is rising from the ashes, one nail and wood beam at a time.

The clang of construction thuds loudly in one corner of Coffey Park–on 1613 Kerry Ln.

A phoenix is rising from the ashes of the Tubbs fire

“Driving out, I knew it was bad with the propane tanks exploding,” homeowner Dan Bradford said.

Dan Bradford escaped the inferno with just his two dogs.

Determined to rebuild, he started construction of his new home on his old lot this week.

The wooden beams of the roof are now up.

With each swing of the hammer and pop of a nail gun, this neighborhood comes back to life.

The home is surrounded by hundreds of vacant lots.

It seems Dan won’t have neighbors for a while.

“Somebody said, ‘Yeah, you are going to have a difficult time borrowing a cup of sugar haha’,” Bradford said.

Dan admits he lucked out that the foundation was solid enough to rebuild his three-bedroom, two-bath house and found Lake County contractors were capable of taking on the challenge.

“I know there are people who are underinsured, and I feel really bad for them that they will go through a lot more than I have had to go through,” Bradford said.

Crews will keep pounding away. The home should be done in the spring.

“I hope it gives other people hope that they can rebuild that it won’t take three-to-four years that it can happen quickly,” Bradford said.

This is maybe the first home under construction here, but it won’t be the last.



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