Armed robbery suspect caught at Marin County Chipotle

MARIN COUNTY (KRON)–A Marin County sheriff officer arrested an armed robbery suspect near a shopping mall on Friday night.

According to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy noticed a car that had a smashed windshield at the Northgate Shopping Mall.

The officer signaled for the car to stop, and the driver parked, grabbed a backpack and took off running towards the mall.

Authorities said the deputy chased the suspect on foot into a Chipotle restaurant. The deputy was able to catch the man, who attempted to exit through the restaurant’s storage room.

There was a brief struggle, but the suspect was eventually taken into custody. While the deputy was checking the man for weapons, he blurted out that he had robbed a guy of cocaine, officials said.

Upon further investigation, the sheriff learned the driver and car were connected to a robbery and assault with a deadly weapon that recently occurred in San Rafael.





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