Protesters show support for immigrants at Richmond detention center

RICHMOND (KRON)– Demonstrators rallied outside a Richmond detention center on Sunday in protest of mass incarceration and immigrant detention facilities.

Members of the Let Our People Go organization gathered outside the West County Detention Facility, in support of those detained.

KRON4’s Camila Bernal spoke to activists who say detainees need to be given the opportunity to fight their civil cases from the outside.

Sophia Gallon begged for her step-father’s release. Fernando Trullijo was detained by immigration agents on Oct. 11. He had previously been deported, but in 2004 he decided to cross the US-Mexico border a second time, causing his most recent detention.

” He’s a father to three young girls and all we need is for him to be home so we have the opportunity to work, just to bring him home,” Gallon said.

The family is working with an attorney to get Trujillo out of the detention center, but they say their request for bond has been denied.




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