VIDEO: Community outraged after woman nursing baby is asked to leave Chick-fil-A


Video courtesy of CNN

FARGO, N. Dakota (KRON) — A Chick-fil-A restaurant in North Dakota is taking a lot of heat on social media, and they haven’t even opened yet.

The influx of outrage, shock, and bad reviews comes after a mother nursing her baby was asked to leave the restaurant located in Fargo.

Macy and Casey Hornung went to the soft opening for this Chick-fil-A location along with their 7-month-old, Ziggy.

Once Macy began breastfeeding Ziggy, the family was asked to leave.

“Just complete shock, like all I’m doing is feeding my baby,” Macy said.

She says the owner approached her in a way that was “just very rude, very blunt.”

The owner Kimberly Flamm told Macy she could cover herself or leave because there were men and children around.

“They had no problem with me feeding her french fries,” Macy said. “So why is it such a problem that I am feeding her from my breast?”

Ziggy won’t nurse with a cover, so Macy packed up her things and left with her husband Casey.

“Angry for the words that woman spoke. I was angry for the way my wife was treated,” Casey said.

The couple got home and posted a review. Then Macy took to Facebook to share her ‘customer experience.’ Many others jumped in, coming to her defense.

One comment reads, “’you saved me a trip & money that i would’ve spent at your facility.”

Over 350 reviews later, this franchise location has a 1.8 star review on Facebook, before their grand opening.

The owner apologized Sunday afternoon, saying “I ask for your forgiveness on this matter as I learn from it. my goal is to provide a warm and welcoming environment.”

CNN contributed to this article



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