VIDEO: San Francisco had nearly 30,000 car break-ins during 2017, but only 481 arrests

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco has developed a reputation for being a hot zone for auto break-ins but the actual numbers will blow you away.

According to the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, there were 28,983 break-ins during 2017.

There were 481 arrests.

The District Attorney’s office took some kind of action on 391 cases.

There is even a Twitter account dedicated to documenting the rash of car crime.

And even when there is an arrest, prosecutors say proving felony auto burglary which carries great consequences than theft, can be difficult even if someone breaks your car window.

Now, legislation authored by state Sen. Scott Wiener would allow prosecutors to prove auto burglary simply when a window is broken. 

Here is the statement from police:

We’ve been very clear that we understand the frustration of the community and the importance of trying new strategies to stem these crimes. That’s why we last year doubled our foot patrols in high property crime areas and have allocated dedicated staffing at each of the 10 district stations to specifically address these types of property crimes.

We take these crimes seriously. We are doing everything we can on the investigative side to identify and arrest offenders, and we encourage victims to report these crimes because it is how we identify serial offenders.

By working closely with our community members, our law enforcement partners and the deployment of data-driven strategies including undercover operations, foot patrols and education programs, we will make an impact on these types of crimes.



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