VIDEO: Dog found tied up to fence at Vallejo cemetery


VALLEJO (KRON) — The humane society of the North Bay is currently taking care of a dog that was found tied up to a fence at a local cemetery.

KRON4’s Camila Bernal spoke to the dog’s vet and explains what happened.

Cemy, short for Cemetery, is the name of the dog. It’s the place where he was found.

“This particular dog was found chained to the cemetery in Sacramento Street with an electrical cord with no food and no water,” Humane Society Board Member Shamus Thornton said.

And it gets worse.

“He did not have enough slack in the cord even to lay down,” Thornton said.

No one knows how long the dog has been abandoned.

He was found Saturday by a Good Samaritan who took him to the Humane Society of the North Bay.

“Other than the skin issues, it seemed to be doing OK, maybe a little bit thin, but it’s got some hair loss and some irritation and some pyoderma, and pyoderma is an infection in the skin” Veterinarian Dr. Mike Bethard said.

The vet says that despite the mistreatment, the dog was not timid or aggressive.

“Very friendly, very comfortable around people and strangers,” Dr. Bethard said.

For now, Cemy will remain under the care of the humane society, but it’s likely that he’ll be ready for adoption on Friday.

“The response of the community has outweighed the bad behavior of the person who abandoned this animal because the community responds with donations in the past to help this dog and many others like him,” Thornton said.

And those taking care of him have no doubts that he will soon find a loving home.



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