VIDEO: Proposed California bill would make you ask for plastic straws in restaurants


SACRAMENTO (KRON) — First, a ban on plastic bags.

And now, are plastic straws next on the list?

One high-ranking California lawmaker hopes to cut back on this daily restaurant item.

As we all do, we go into a restaurant, sit down, order a water, a soda, and out comes a drink with a plastic straw without question.

But if one bill passes in California, your server may have to ask you, “Would you like a straw with your drink?”

According to Be Straw Free Campaign, more than 500 million straws are used in the United States every day.

The bill AB 1884 was introduced last week by majority leader Ian Calderon out of Los Angeles County.

Now, this bill would deal only directly with dine-in restaurants to start a “straws-upon-request” policy.

Calderon, in his release with the bill, said the bill doesn’t ban plastic straws but wants to reduce the usage.

The plastic straw bill was introduced last week, and according to the legislature, could be heard in committee as early as Feb. 17.

If the bill passes, you may be asked if you want a straw with your drink.



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