Study: Social media affects teens’ sleeping patterns

This June 16, 2017 photo shows social media app icons on a smartphone held by an Associated Press reporter in San Francisco. Google yourself. Curate your online photos. And as one private high school advises its students: Don’t post anything online you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see. AP spoke with experts on the role of social media in the college admissions process. They offered tips for students on what to post - and not post - if you’re trying to get into college. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)–Social media could have a negative impact on your child’s sleeping habits.

A new study found that teens who spend at least one hour per day on social media had more sleep problems than those who didn’t.

Researchers also discovered that teenage girls were more addicted to social media and were more likely to be sleep deprived.

Past studies recommend that teens get between 8 and 10 hours of sleep.



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