ONLY ON KRON4: East Bay residents say Amazon packages delivered nowhere near their front doors–but near street


DANVILLE (KRON) — With package thefts running rampant in parts of the Bay Area, there is a new reason to be concerned.

Residents in the East Bay say whoever is delivering for Amazon is dropping packages and leaving them nowhere near people’s front doors.

If you ever wondered how careful some delivery drivers are with your Amazon packages, some new video has the answer.

One home security video shows a driver literally dropping a package on the ground.

Inside is a JBL speaker.

“I was livid,” Danville resident Ricky Helton said. “I have not shopped from Amazon since.”

Even worse, says Helton, is where the package was left–not at the door.

In fact, it was delivered nowhere near the door but steps from the street.

“This is obviously why so many people are driving around town taking people’s packages because they make it so easy for them,” Helton said.

Other Danville residents with the same problem are posting to social media and sending photos of Amazon packages seemingly dumped at the end of the driveway or nestled on top of a garbage can.

“One of my neighbors posted on Nextdoor she saw the driver pull up and toss the package out the window and keep driving, and when she said something, he gave her the finger and ran a stop sign,” resident Jennifer Gidwani said.

Gidwani came home one night to find an Amazon package nowhere near her front door but on the end of the driveway between a bush and a rock.

Another time, she found an Amazon package at the end of the driveway, sitting in the pouring rain, despite the fact that her front door is covered from the elements.

“I think they are in a hurry and trying to do it faster and cheaper than UPS or FedEx, and maybe Amazon is getting what they pay for here,” Gidwani said.

Here’s a statement from Amazon:

“We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and expect every package to be handled with care. We are addressing this with the delivery service provider.”



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