CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Concord thieves steal plumber’s expensive tools out of his van


CONCORD (KRON) — Thieves in Concord stole expensive tools right out of a plumber’s van on Tuesday morning.

Patrick Stanton came out to find all of the doors of his plumbing company’s van ajar and found thieves had gotten away with some very expensive tools.

“They got all of the cordless tools, all of the power tools, everything,” Stanton said. “They even stole my seat organizer, have my schedule.”

Because he has a high def security camera pointed at his van, the entire operation was captured on video.

In addition to taking $8,000 worth of tools, the thieves also did about $2,000 in damage to the van ignition as they tried to steal that too.

But the most concerning part to Patrick and his family is that this all happened right outside their North Concord townhouse.

“It’s scary to have your safe space, no pun intended, violated like that so close where your children are sleeping,” Stanton said. “It puts a panic in your gut that you’re not sure how to deal with, so we’re working on the shock of it all. Obviously, safety is a concern, and we’re gonna take some more preventative measures to keep our family safe and keep our business rolling.”

The video of the crime was posted on the Stanton Plumbing Facebook Page and shared over 1,600 times already. And it’s now in the hands of Concord police.

The Stantons are hopeful that the men, who can be seen very clearly, are caught and punished for what they did to their family business.

“It’s tough,” Stanton said. “It pretty much erases the emergency fund. The hardest part again is getting on the road and getting things done, and without the specialty tools, obviously takes longer. We didn’t have to move money around to buy new stuff, you can operate.”

Patrick is grateful that the thieves were not able to steal the van.

Because if that happened, it would’ve been a total loss for his company, one he’s not sure he would be able to recover from.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Stanton.



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