VIDEO: San Ramon police allowed to use home surveillance cameras to help catch criminals


SAN RAMON (KRON) — It is pretty common these days for Bay Area residents to have home surveillance cameras on their properties.

They do come in handy, recording images of criminals caught in the act.

Now, citizens in one East Bay city are allowing police to use their home security cameras as part of a citywide surveillance video network. Police in San Ramon tell KRON4 the cameras are helping officers catch criminals.

“This guy we are still looking for,” San Ramon police Cpl. Becky Chestnut said. “This is (a) character that…rang the doorbell, which is actually a video camera which you can see.”

A video camera that is part of the Citizen’s View Network of Home Surveillance Cameras registered with the City of San Ramon Police Department

“We have about 200, yes,” Cpl. Chestnut said. “We have doubled our registry since the holidays when we put out (the) emphasis on citizens working with us to register their cameras.”

Residents are on-board.

“Just installed our Nest cameras, and so we thought it would be a good thing to do to help out the neighborhood just in case anything happened,” San Ramon resident Staci Tate said.

When a crime happens, like a residential burglary, these home surveillance cameras are a valuable asset for police.

“Our investigators identified this guy within 24 hours of this going out on social media,” Cpl. Chestnut said. “We’ve identified him as Daniel Martinez out of Hayward.”

Green dots represent residential citizens’ view cameras. The pink dots show cameras set up in commercial locations.

“Thankfully, we work really well with our community,” Cpl. Chestnut said. “Obviously, we can’t access their cameras. It is just a registry, a database of the cameras that are here in town. We have all their contact information. We can contact them if they have any information that we might need.”

If you’re a San Ramon resident who wants to join the Citizen’s View Surveillance Camera Registry, all you need to do is contact the San Ramon Police Department.



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