VIDEO: Highs school hockey coaches reportedly denied food to players for 12 hours as punishment for losing game


ANDOVER, Massachusetts (KRON/CNN) — Players on a high school ice hockey team in Massachusetts were reportedly denied food for losing a game.

Sources say three coaches did not let players eat for 12 hours as a punishment.

The coaches have now been put on administrative leave.

Ice hockey coaches were benched in Andover after the state launched an investigation into what happened after an Andover High School away game in Western Massachusetts.

“Out of line, probably not a reasonable reaction to losing a game,” parent Steve Terra said.

Three coaches didn’t let the kids eat for 12 hours after the game.

Word got to the Department of Children and Families, and now, they’re looking into it.

Parents whose kids play on other teams say they couldn’t imagine their child being forced to go without food for half a day.

“I mean, they’re responsible for these kids, and that’s just wrong,” parent Theresa Buonopane said. “My son, after he plays a game is starving, so that’s unnecessary to punish them for that. That’s awful.”

Terra agrees.

“Not the lesson you want to teach, probably want to correct the reasons you lost. not sort of…punish people by having them not eat food.” Terra said.

The school district put the coaches on paid leave.

The principal saying, “the safety and well-being of our students is our most important priority, and I am disheartened to hear of the allegations against members of our coaching staff.”

“We’re living in a world where we want more people to be more responsible and kind to each other, and this is an example of the opposite of that,” Buonopane said. “It’s not necessary.”



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