Residents at Sonoma County mobile home park go days without water

ROHNERT PARK (KRON)–Nearly 300 families at a Rohnert Park mobile home went days without fresh water.

KRON4’s Ali Reid spoke with residents at Rancho Verde Mobile Home Park who have been without running water since Friday.

Each household was given a gallon of water but that wasn’t enough.

Some families had to make additional trips to the supermarket or even using water from the fountains in their front yards.

“You can’t cook, you can’t wash dishes,” one resident said. “It’s been a real inconvenience and there haven’t been any accommodations made in the park as far as porta-potties .”

In addition, many residents haven’t showered and parents are worried about their children’s hygiene.

The mobile home park has old plumbing infrastructure, so this has happened before but not as long.

“The water goes off here several times a year…” a resident said.

To their relief, Sunday’s work crew managed to find a water leak and fix it. Now there’s running water, a lot of residents are looking forward to hot water.




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