ONLY ON KRON4: Downed tree leaves dangerous mess in Peninsula family’s backyard


REDWOOD CITY (KRON) — A downed tree at a home on the Peninsula left more than 100 people without power on Tuesday night.

And on Wednesday night, power has been restored to all the homes, but the family’s backyard is still a horror show.

It is happening at a home on Old County Road, near Redwood High School, on the border of San Carlos and Redwood City.

There’s a lot happening in the backyard–from downed lines, a tree that’s half chopped, and a broken fence.

The family that lives there has no clue who’s responsible for fixing what.

On Tuesday afternoon, this gigantic eucalyptus tree came crashing down.

“A giant boom and my neighbor immediately came banging on the door,” Terri Liuzzi said.

It fell from the creekbed behind Redwood High School, smashed right through Liuizzi’s fence, and into her backyard, tearing down the powerline that services more than 100 homes.

“It’s scary,” Liuzzi said. “It was a really big tree, and the more I get back here and look, there are several other trees that look like they’re in worse condition and they would actually hit the house.”

PG&E crews started work on Tuesday, and so did a tree service, supplied by Redwood High School.

“They were gone before we knew what was happening,” Liuzzi said. “They didn’t want us out in the yard because the lines were still live and PG&E was still trying to make sure it was secured.”

The tree is still there, and although PG&E restored power, lines are still hanging in the yard.

Now, the family is scared to have their pets roaming around.

“I don’t know what they go to, I don’t know if they’re dangerous or not,” Liuzzi said, “if they’re hazardous and could spark a fire or something.”

The family plans to reach out to Redwood High School again about cleaning up the tree.

KRON4 has reached out to PG&E in regards to the downed lines left behind.

We’re still waiting to hear back.



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