VIDEO: Shelter-in-place lifted in Richmond after scrap yard fire

RICHMOND (KRON) — A shelter-in-place was lifted in Richmond early Wednesday morning after a fire broke out at a scrap metal yard.

The fire erupted around 5 p.m. on Tuesday near Interstate 580 and South Fourth Street.

KRON4’s Camila Bernal reported from the scene Wednesday morning where crews were still cleaning up the debris.

The shelter-in-place was in effect for the Sante Fe, North Richmond, Atchison Village, Iron Triangle, Point Richmond, and Nystrom Village neighborhoods.

Fire officials said the fumes were potentially toxic and burned into late Tuesday night.

Residents in the shelter-in-place areas were asked to shut their windows and doors–and to stay inside.

According to KRON4’s Charles Clifford, there was a metallic taste and smell in the air.

The fire department says IT battled the flames all night and cleanup drifted into the morning commute.



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