VIDEO: Red Panda Acrobat’s $25,000 unicycle stolen from San Francisco airport baggage claim


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — If you’ve ever been to a Warriors game or a Lakers game, you’ve probably seen her perform.

But now, she is dealing with some major behind-the-scene issues as someone stole her $25,000 unicycle from the baggage claim at San Francisco International Airport.

One week after the theft, there are no signs of the unicycle and its whereabouts.

It was taken from the baggage claim at Terminal 3 in Carousel No. 5.

The Red Panda Acrobat lives in San Francisco and does sports shows all across the country. Surveillance images have been released of the suspect.

He is described as a white man with red hair, a full beard, and wearing Sketchers.

Police are trying to figure out if he stole this or if he took it by accident. She has had this unicycle for 30 years.

KRON4 spoke with a friend of her’s on Wednesday night.

“She practices at a local church in San Francisco because they have the vaulted ceilings, so they can do high jumps and acrobatics,” Lily Wu said. “She’s a great girl, so it’s very disappointing. I hope they can find it. It’s a very unusual thing to steal, to be honest.”

KRON4 was in contact with the Red Panda Acrobat and her manager on Wednesday night.

Both are out of town.

They are hopeful that whoever has this unicycle will return it to police.



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