VIDEO: Some parents support San Francisco elementary school teacher arrested for alleged child abuse


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Some parents at a San Francisco elementary school are outraged after a teacher is let go for alleged child abuse.

Usually, parents demand a teacher get fired after they are arrested, but not in this case. These parents want the teacher back in the classroom.

During the morning drop-off at Marshall Elementary, parents and former students protested the dismissal of well-liked teacher Andres Tobar.

Tobar turned himself into police on Tuesday and was arrested for felony child endangerment.

The school district says in December, he was seen cradling a student and holding the student over a second-floor balcony.

Parents at the Mission District School tell KRON4 they are rallying behind the kindergartener teacher.

There are reports a video exists of him allegedly dangling the child.

Christine Pineda says he is like a father figure to so many kids there.

She believes he only made an error in judgment.

“It’s out of character for him to–he wouldn’t endanger a child. It’s as simple as that. He wouldn’t. He loves these kids too much to even have that thought,” Pineda said.

Online, there is a page dedicated to when he won teacher of the month on Jan. 2013.

He has three decades of experience with the San Francisco Unified School District.

Now, this group of parents and students want him back in the classroom.

The school district released this statement:

‘We realize that Mr. Tobar’s arrest by the San Francisco Police Department is upsetting news. Many community members have expressed their support for Mr. Tobar. While Mr. Tobar will not be returning to Marshall Elementary, the students in Mr. Tobar’s classroom will continue to receive high-quality instruction.”



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