8 fascinating things you may not know about the 2018 Super Bowl

New England Patriots Lombardi trophies displayed on a table during a ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, April 19, 2017, where the president honored the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots for their Super Bowl LI victory. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The first Sunday in February is full of football madness.

So while fans from near and far tune in to watch the 2018 Super Bowl, why are you watching? For the ball game, the commercials or the halftime performance?

Either way, if you aren’t the biggest Patriot or Eagles fan, here are some fun facts about the Super Bowl that will impress your fellow football fanatics.

1. Second Biggest Food Day
Super Bowl Sunday is practically an unofficial national holiday, so it’s no surprise that the day doubles as a food fest as well. Thanksgiving excluded, Americans consume more food during the Super Bowl than any other day, according to USDA stats.

2. Florida Most Common Host
The NFL may be filled with tough athletes, but the one thing the players don’t seem to like is the cold weather. Each of the 44 Super Bowls was played either in a warm-weather location or under the protection of a stadium dome. Florida fields, including locations in Tampa and Miami, have hosted 14 Super Bowl games, which is the most out of any other state.

3. Halftime Show for the Win
While the halftime show now aims to have the biggest artists headlining, the first nine games showcased college marching bands and drill teams. Now, folks tune in mostly for the bizarre halftime performances, like Katy Perry’s shark costumed backup dancers. Stats showed the halftime showcase caught the attention of more viewers in recent years than the actual game.

4. Fan Saved Super Bowl History
The very first Super Bowl in 1967 wasn’t broadcast live but was televised afterward by both NBC and CBS. Later, the footage was accidentally erased, according to Steve Sabol of NFL Films. But the priceless moments were restored thanks to a fan who had a personal recording of the game. Phew!

5. Athletes Are Paid to Plug Disney
The first athlete to utter the words “I’m going to Disney World!” after a triumphant win was Phil Simms. He was reportedly paid $75,000 to sing his praises of the Florida theme park.

6. Post Game TV 
The post–Super Bowl television time slot has been a mixed bag for new shows – some with great ratings while others fall flat. But this year, NBC’s hit show “This Is Us” will air the season finale after the 2018 Super Bowl wraps.

7. Trophy Belongs in a Little Blue Box
The Vince Lombardi Trophy is adorned by a regular-sized football completely made of sterling silver. The game-winning prize is designed and manufactured by Tiffany & Co. and takes nearly 70 hours to forge and assemble.

8. Hundreds of Custom-Made Footballs
The NFL doesn’t take any chances with its biggest showcase of the year, they come prepared. 216 official game balls are made with the team’s names and game logos. In total, 108 of those footballs are delivered to the game, so the two contenders are allowed to do whatever they please with the rest.



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