Woman caught on camera following delivery truck to steal delivered package

KRQE Photo

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque homeowner says a porch pirate with a plan stole his package just minutes after it was delivered.

“It was a deliberate act of following and grab and go,” said Min Nim.

Min Nim was eager to get back to his home of nine years, near Eubank and Indian School, after work on Saturday.

He knew there’d be a package there waiting for him.

“I got out of work around 6, came home, pretty excited about my package. Came home, nothing on the porch, nothing on the front door, checked around, nowhere,” said Nim.

His security cameras would show him where the package went.

“Sure enough, UPS did deliver, and exactly three minutes later, somebody walked up and casually grabbed and go,” said Nim.

The woman seen in the video was also smoking a cigarette as she made her way to Nim’s front porch.

“Just walked up, like nobody’s business. Not even running, not even rushing or anything like that,” said Nim.

Nim doesn’t think this happened by chance.

“It’s not random. It’s not like a drive-by, see some packages, grab and go. It deliberately followed the UPS truck, wait for the delivery to get dropped off, and came up to grab and go,” he said.

Nim lost a hundred dollars worth of merchandise from the theft and says he still can’t shake the feeling of being violated.

“It wasn’t a big deal like a package is just things, you know. But it’s just the act itself that makes you feel a little off,” he said.

Even though the crook got away with his things, Nim says he’s glad no one was hurt and has one message for the woman in the video.

“I would hope she would try and earn an honest living,” said Nim.

Nim did not report the crime to the police because he didn’t feel like it was important enough. He says his package can be replaced.

This isn’t the first time porch pirates hit Albuquerque homeowners. Back in December, a thief was caught on camera stealing a woman’s package, armed with a gun.



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