UC Berkeley student bails out ICE detainees

BERKELEY (KRON)– A UC Berkeley student who was detained at a border checkpoint in East San Diego County, is living up a promise he made.

Luis Mora committed himself to helping free others in jail after he was released from a detention center in January.

He was detained in San Diego County around New Year’s Eve by ICE agents when he crossed a border patrol checkpoint and they learned he was undocumented.

The Cal student was sent to jail for three weeks, which his attorney said was unusual for someone without a criminal record.

It was at that facility where he met other detainees with similar stories which inspired him to give back. Supporters raised $15,000 online for Mora’s bond which was only $1500.

He decided to use the rest of the funds to help free three other detainees.

His attorney, Prerna Lal said,” he felt really, really bad that other were locked up whom he felt deserved to be in this country more than him.”

The other detainees’ names weren’t released for privacy concerns, but Lal says one of them is a man named Juan from Mexico, a grandmother named Virginie from Haiti and a man named Franklin from Honduras.

All of them are strangers to Mora.

Lal said, “people were just overwhelmed and in tears and so joyful and showed so much gratitude in terms of Luis paying their bond. someone they have never met.”



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