Police: Peeping Tom set up camera inside Stoneridge mall dressing room

Juan Jose Martinez Leyva (Pleasanton Police Department)


PLEASANTON (KRON) — Police in Pleasanton arrested a man on Saturday who is accused setting up a camera inside of dressing rooms at Stoneridge mall.

At around 4:08 p.m. officers were dispatched to Hollister Company inside the Stoneridge Shopping Center to investigate the report of unlawful recording inside a fitting room, police said.

Officers learned that a camera was found concealed on a fitting room floor.

The camera had recorded a customer while she tried on clothing, police say.

Police say a man was seen exiting a nearby fitting room and was detained by store employees.

Juan Jose Martinez Leyva was positively identified as the suspect and was found in possession of some recording devices containing footage of the victim, according to police.

Martinez Leyva was placed under citizen’ arrest and later booked into the Santa Rita Jail for invasion of privacy.

At this time it is unknown if there are any additional victims or locations of occurrence, If you have any information pertaining to this incident please contact Pleasanton Police.



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