VIDEO: Marin high school teachers say they were sexually harassed by students


(KRON) — The Tamalpais School District has launched an in-depth investigation after several teachers have come forward saying male students are sexually harassing them.

One teacher says the Tam High School students were sending her obscene emails and text messages during class.

Ava Reider says, “It is my time to say #metoo.”

Reider says it has happened more than once in her classrooms.

“I have been touched more than once, I have had obscene phone calls on my work and personal emails, some using the school IP address,” Reider told officials at a recent school board meeting.

The math and English teacher adds she is not alone.

At the same meeting, another teacher described how she and others say they have been sexually harassed by male students at Redwood High School, in the same district.

“There has been a woman who had condoms on her car, one male student asked a teacher what she looked like without any clothes on,” Jessica Crabtree told school board members.

“At first, I was shocked, to be honest with you,” school board president Leslie Lundgren said.

Her colleagues had no idea the women were going to address the board in open session, but she says she is glad they spoke up.

The board has taken action, hiring a private law firm that specializes in workplace issues, as well as bringing in a specialty female administrator.

Lundgren also adds that in these times of the #metoo movement, it is now more important than ever to expose the truth.



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