Advocates for the Homeless Community to Occupy Vacant Buildings in San Francisco

By: Ja'Mein Beale - Mon, 10 Oct 2011 17:33:21 -0800

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)--A group of homeless people and their advocates are expected to occupy vacant buildings in San Francisco Monday afternoon as part of World Homeless Action Day.

The advocacy group "Homes Not Jails" is scheduled to gather at 5 p.m. at Civic Center before marching to vacant properties. Organizers of today's march say the group plans to occupy over 10 vacant buildings with several hundred housing units. 

In a press release, "Homes Not Jails" says today's march is meant to reclaim vacant properties for the homeless, claiming that there are 10,000 homeless people in the city on any given day and three times as many vacant housing units. 
According to its website, World Homeless Action Day is held worldwide annually on Oct. 10 to draw attention to the needs of the homeless community.

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