Antenna TV

Antenna TV, KRON Classic TV
Antenna TV, KRON Classic TV

Antenna TV is a digital multicast network airing on television stations across the U.S.

You can watch Antenna TV free over the air on KRON digitial 4.3 and on Comcast channel 187.

The network features classic television programs and favorite movies. Local television stations air Antenna TV as a digital multicast channel often on a .2 or .3 channel depending on the city and the station. Antenna TV is free and available over-the-air using rabbit ears (a traditional broadcast television antenna) or a rooftop antenna. In addition, most major cable companies from coast-to-coast carry local affiliate feeds of Antenna TV.

The network launched on January 1, 2011 with a Three Stooges marathon.

Antenna TV is owned and operated by Tribune Broadcasting and originates from facilities at WGN-TV in Chicago.

For more information and a complete schedule visit:

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