My KRON 4 Story

Share Your My KRON 4 Story

Everyday at KRON 4 we spend a lot of time trying to decide what stories you need and want to hear on our nine and a half hours of local television news, and the 24 hours of online news that we produce every day.

We have a lot of great ideas, but are always looking for more!


My KRON4 Story

We know you see and experience things in the Bay Area all of the time that the rest of the world needs to know about. That’s why we’ve created “My KRON 4 Story.” We’re opening up this page to you to tells us a story that needs to be told.

Use the form below to enter details about something you would like to see us highlight on our newscast. It might be something serious like government run amok or an unsafe situation that needs correcting, or it might be something fun like a person in your neighborhood who has done something worthy of recognition. No idea is too big or too small.

While KRON 4 maintains copyright and editorial control over any story we do, we want to include you in the process. If we choose your story idea, we will follow up with you for more details and any resources we might need to tell the story most effectively. We may, at our discretion, include you in the finished story.

So. Dust off your “My KRON 4 Story” idea and submit it to us here. Also watch this space for videos and commentary on other people’s “My KRON 4 Story” submissions.

My KRON 4 Story Idea *
Have you ever watched a story on KRON 4 and thought “they really ought to do a report about –?” Well maybe we should! Let us know your “My KRON 4 Story” idea and maybe we will feature it on television and online. Also let us know how to contact you so that we can get more information on this story. We won’t use your name without your permission.

(KRON 4 retains copyright and all editorial control over any story you submit)


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